Old Ford Pickups Continued

I'm partial to old Fords, my very first car was a 65 Ford Galaxie.

I found this cherry 57 Ford in a local shopping center and just had to take a pic of it

From Maryland Vintage Truck Club


Ford F100 circa 1962 For Sale Frederick Md

I found this old Ford F100 for sale around the corner from where I work in Frederick Md

Vintage Pickup in Frederick Md

Apparently this old Ford comes with loads of spare parts, it looks to me like a great project bed for vintage truck enthusiasts.

Early 60's Ford F100 Frederick Md


Mack Trucks Are Virtually Indestructible

As solid as a Mack Truck

The Mack Truck has become part of our lexicon.
It symbolizes or characterizes anything that is:

  • sturdy
  • solid
  • almost indestructible

I've still got my CDL even though I'm retired from driving big trucks. I feel I'd be remiss if I failed to post at least a mention of the vintage CDL trucks I've driven. Macks just seem to outlast every other heavy vehicle ever produced. Cement mixers are usually Macks, mixers get beat up so much concrete companies just prefer to purchase old Macks that were dump trucks in a previous life and throwing the concrete drum apparatus on the back like these: