What I Like About Older Vehicles

In Maryland, if your vehicle is more than 25 years old, you can qualify for Historic Licence Plates. What that also means is... you don't have to go through MVA inspection to get tags. I'm not a fan of vehicles that aren't safe to drive but the Maryland inspection process can often mean the garage that's offering to do inspections has to FIND something wrong with your vehicle to be able to afford to do the inspection for such a low price. Mechanics need to make X amount of dollars, the garage needs to make X amount of money and the fee for the inspection just doesn't do either one of those 2 necessary things.

Now if I'm going to get an older vehicle, I want one that's built tough enough to be able to stay on the road, and a pick up certainly fits that bill. Another neat thing about older trucks is if you want to haul something you won't be so panicky if that something scratches your paint job.

Of course if the older pick up is fully restored, that's a different matter altogether.

In Maryland if you are wanting to restore a vehicle, be it a car or a truck, the best Maryland auto upholstery shop I can recommend is Joe's Upholstery Shop in Frederick Maryland.
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When I discover a Maryland auto body shop worth writing about I'll post that here as well.


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