Vintage Trucks

Why Collecting Antique Dodge Trucks is a Passion for Some People
... more people have opted for buying these antique Dodge trucks. Even though the Dodge trucks gained more popularity after the Second World War, even today there are many people who want to add these vintage automobiles to their collection. Read
By: Muna wa Wanjiru | 28/05/2008 | Antiques

Classic Cars: Get Insured - Article Directory - Free Articles ...
Purchasing insurance for your vintage vehicle through a well-established commercial insurance company may help bring peace of mind, whilst also allowing you ...

The Classic Car "Blue Book". by Bob Welcome Classic Car Trim Pty Ltd
Jul 16, 2007 ... It provides retail, private party and trade-in values for used cars, trucks, and vans covering the last 15 years. There are further details ...

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